Brewing the Perfect Cup

Brewing the Perfect Cup

The Perfect cup of Tea!

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If you did not love your teas … we need to talk. For real.

It could be that the tea you ordered simply isn’t your favorite tea. (I was thinking, there are teas I don’t love as well) In our years of selling tea, we find that the problem with a bad cup of tea is, to put it nicely, is sometimes a ‘user error’.

To put it bluntly, what we mean is that bad brewing makes for bad tea.

And bad tea really makes us feel bummed out. Bringing tea to our customers that they love delights us. So, we’re here with a few tips on how you brew your perfect cup of tea!

Put some water on to boil. If it’s boiling, then it’s perfect for herbals, rooibos’ and most black teas. Yet, it’ll also ruin most green teas, oolongs, white teas and yerba matés!

If you’re brewing a Green tea, Oolong,White tea, or Yerba Mate,  use water that’s closer to a simmer than a boil. In particular, steamed green teas (like SenchaMatcha, or Dragonwell, need water that’s just starting to have small bubbles rise up in it. (For those of you with a kitchen thermometer, that’s about 165 degrees Fahrenheit.)

If you’re brewing a Black Tea, or Herbal Tea,

Go ahead and let that kettle sing before you brew! Most of the time, it’ll result in a perfect brew. And on the off chance that your black tea tastes too bitter, try it with slightly cooler water (or a shorter brewing time) next time and see what happens.

Now let’s talk about how much tea to use with how much water. If you’ve had weak tea in the past it could have been because your water was not hot enough or the brewing time was too short. Most likely there was not enough tea or too much water.

So, in general, you want to use about one (1) teaspoon of tea (from the camellia sinensis tea plant) per eight (8) ounce cup of water. My EZ Brewer is perfect and takes the guesswork out of this, but I also love my tea pot that has a deep, open infuser in it.   Some lighter, less dense teas, such as white silver needle tea, you’ll need to use two (2) teaspoons instead.

The general rule of thumb for herbal teas is to use 1 TBSP per cup, or use a little more or less to taste.  All our teas are sent with brewing instructions on the labels.

Brew the tea for the time indicated on the label. Pour your water over the tea and set the time. Most teas take about three to five minutes to brew to perfection. Some teas, like delicate whites and greens, only take 2-3 minutes. Check the brewing instructions and set the timer.

When the timer goes off, strain the leaves from the tea and enjoy your perfect cup of tea!

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