Top Benefits of Matcha – L-Theanine

Relax with a Cup of Matcha Green Tea and Experience the Benefits of Matcha

For centuries, humans have depended on herbal remedies like green tea to provide vital nutrients and minerals in order to remain healthy. Besides the health benefits of matcha tea, drinking it can also have a calming effect.

But what exactly makes green tea, especially matcha green tea, so powerful?

The Relaxation Amino Acid: L-Theanine

It’s quite simple – green tea products are rich in the amino acid known as L-Theanine. This is found almost uniquely in tea-style plants and is a large part of how green teas actually acquire their taste. Researchers spent years studying the benefits of L-Theanine on lab rats, with some very impressive results.

Rats who suffered from hypertension, aka high blood pressure, experienced a significant reduction in blood pressure when L-Theanine was introduced into their bodies. When given to human volunteers, it caused a significant increase in the α-waves (alpha waves) of the brain in the occipital and parietal regions, roughly 40 minutes after administration. The increase in alpha waves produced significant relaxation in the body, without any additional drowsiness or any form of impaired function.


L-Theanine Also Reduces Stress and Boosts Your Mood

Today, L-Theanine is added to many foods and medicines to help promote relaxation. Adding this important amino acid to your diet can reduce mental stress, enhance your mood and performance, and create a calm-yet-alert state of mind. It has a similar effect on your body as caffeine, without any sort of crash later in the day.

Because it’s almost impossible to give yourself too high of a dosage of L-Theanine, it is an extremely powerful and accessible supplement. It is the prominent nutritional feature of matcha tea powder and other green teas. This is one of the top benefits of matcha.

If you are searching for something to enhance your energy, calm your mind and relax your body, matcha powder may be the perfect choice for you. The benefits of matcha will change your life, matcha powder tea is not a fluffed up trend, it is a thousand year old superfood secret.

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