Making Matcha

Making Matcha

The Nuovo team hopes you are enjoying your Matcha twice daily as recommended.  To help you on your Matcha journey, here is a simple, traditional Matcha recipe:


1 tsp. (or more or less to taste)

Matcha Bowl

Matcha whisk

Matcha Spoon

Steaming Water (170-190 max)

  1. Prepare the Matcha bowl.  Pour a few ounces steaming into Matcha bowl. Swirl water with Matcha whisk.  (wetting the whisk helps keep it healthy).  Discard this water.  Dry the bowl.
  2. With your Matcha spoon, scoop about a 1 tsp of Matcha powder into your Matcha bowl.
  3. Pour 2-3 oz. of steaming water into the bowl (to the side of powder).
  4. Whisk vigorously in a zigzag fashion for 20-30 seconds.
  5. Enjoy your Matcha! You can add a natural sweetener of your choice.


Make it a Matcha Latte by adding 2-4 oz steamed non-dairy milk of your choice.


1. Follow steps 1-5 above.
2. Add 2-4 oz COLD non-dairy milk
3. Pour over ice!

We sell only the finest Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha from Japan and all the tools you need to make your Matcha experience the best it can be.


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