Fall Newsletter 2021 – Plants, Herbs and Spices to combat viruses, including COVID-19

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!” (Benjamin Franklin) Welcome to Fall! Though the weather is still deciding if it’s time to leave summer behind, we are all anticipating seeing the leaves turn to vivid shades of yellow, orange and red and the squirrels gathering food for the winter months ahead!  In fall


Get your GREEN on and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with MATCHA! Who needs green beer when you can make yourself the healthiest cocktail ever! Kathleen’s favorite – Matcha Lemon Drop Martini – shaken, not stirred! No simple syrup, just matcha, fresh squeezed lemon juice, honey water, and your favorite vodka. Try these recipes for matcha,

Why Hydrate with Iced Tea

Why hydrate with iced tea

Hydrate and Nourish your Body with Refreshing Herbal Infusions! We all know that we should drink roughly 6-8  eight-ounce glasses of water or more daily.  Why not switch it up and make a batch of Iced Tea!  Try Nuovo’s tasty herbal infusions to replace fluids and give your body lots of tasty nourishing vitamins, minerals, and

Making Matcha

Making Matcha

The Nuovo team hopes you are enjoying your Matcha twice daily as recommended.  To help you on your Matcha journey, here is a simple, traditional Matcha recipe:

Health Benefits of Drinking Tea

Tea isn’t just a comforting and pleasant beverage, it also has remarkable healing properties—so much so that it’s deemed a sort of “wonder drink” that may be even healthier than drinking water. Drinking tea can lead to a healthier, longer life!

White Tea Benefits

What is White Tea? White tea is the least processed,  has the least amount of caffeine and the most antioxidants of all other tea variants (green, oolong, black, pu-erh).  It is packed with essential nutrients, and considered superior to all teas.

Why Drink Rooibos Tea?

What is Rooibos Tea? Rooibos tea (pronounced roo-ee-bosh), Red Tea, or Red Bush Tea, which originates in the Western Cape province of South Africa, isn’t really a tea at all—it’s not even a distant cousin. It is an infusion made from the needle-shaped leaves of a broom-like African shrub called Aspalathus linearis. An herbal infusion of