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Nuovo Tea invites you to…

Wake up to the world of premium loose-leaf teas, savor one of our creative blends or enjoy your own creation.

Nuovo has an amazing selection of teas from all over the world!  Nuovo carries many varieties from traditional, fruited, or spiced black, oolong, green, white, and Pu-erh, to herbals – fruited, rooibos, and yerba mate.   In addition, Nuovo has several Wellness Blends to help support an individual’s health needs.  Welcome to our world of tea!

What’s new at Nuovo? In addition to our many Premium Loose Leaf Teas and Herbals, Nuovo now offers Specialty Wellness Blends!  

We have a tea for everything!

Do you want to boost your immune system, decrease inflammation, regulate blood sugar and cholesterol, increase focus, get rid of brain fog, and improve your energy?  We have a tea for that!  Do you have allergies, want to lose weight, improve your sleep, balance your hormones or suffer from stress?  We have a tea for that!  Find the blends that are right for you!

See our Featured Teas below!  

Note: We carry hundreds of organic and natural herbs and can customize any blends.  Call us to create a blend personalized for you!

To Your Health

Every cup of Nuovo Tea is brimming with healthful benefits. Teas have long been used for:
– Providing antioxidants to fight disease/boosting immune system

– Providing Clean focused energy

– Maintaining a healthy weight

– Anti-inflammatory effects

– Improving skin tone

Learn more: Tea Talk and Tips or read 13 Reasons Teas is Good for You

Tasteful Gifts

Nuovo Teas make the perfect gift for any occasion. Check out our selection of teas and teaware or do your corporate and holiday shopping online. We specialize in custom orders. You can also browse our Teaware department for fun tea accessories

Timeless Teas

Enjoy a soothing cup of tea any time day or night with one of our caffeine-free herbal teas. Or you can jazz up your regular tea and create your own blend. Get creative!

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