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Nuovo Tea, a family-owned tea shop in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, wishes all of our amazing customers and guests Health, Happiness and Peace!

Along with providing outstanding customer service, we at Nuovo Tea pride ourselves in offering the best teas and herbs from all over the world!  Customers can choose from an amazing variety of premium teas, Organic Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea from UJI Japan, unique Herbal Wellness Blends,  as well as a wide assortment of herbs, roots, flowers, berries, spices and Medicinal Mushrooms from which you can create your own custom blend!

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So Many Favorites!

Cherry Marzipan, Vanilla, Almond, Peach & Grapefruit…

All warming flavored Oolongs 10% off!

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Though lots of people drink tea all year long, the Fall season brings out others who confess that, for them, Tea Season is just getting started!  How soothing it is to cuddle up with a warm cup of tea in cooler weather!

Fall customer favorites include pumpkin, warming spice and chai teas, and the darker, bolder black, oolong and Pu erh teas.  Warming and nourishing Herbal Wellness teas that support health as the seasons change are highly regarded by customers as well!  These include:  Fall Health Tonic, Dandelion Mocha, Golden Milk, and Covi-Zap!

Happy Fall and Cheers to your health!

~The Nuovo Team

Matcha & Accessories

Matcha is the healthiest tea in the world as it is loaded with powerful antioxidants. View our selection of Matcha and Matcha Accessories.

Premium Teas

Premium Teas

View our amazing selection of White, Green, Oolong, Black and Pu Erh Teas sure to satisfy every tea lover!

Wellness Tea Blends

A new year, a new you. Check out our Wellness Tea Blends and get the year off to a great start by improving your health!

Prevention is the best medicine!
Building and maintaining a strong immune system is key to promoting health and preventing illness. In addition to getting enough sleep, reducing stress, exercising, wearing masks as appropriate, and social distancing, consuming foods and beverages with potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits is essential to good health!

 *Check out Nuovo’s Teas that may help boost immunity. 

*Matcha Green Tea

*Immunity Plus

*Deep Wellness

*Respiratory Healing