Neuro-Tea Spice


This blend of herbs may help with symptoms of neuropathy: pain, numbness, inflammation.

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Neuopathy comes with pain, numbness, and inflammation and can be very uncomfortable.  Improved circulation, pain relief and anti-inflammatory action can help tremedously.

Neuro-Tea has a blend of herbs that may help.

 Ingredients:  Bacopa, Bitter Melon, buther’s broom, California poppy, wood betony, ginkgo, holy basil, meadowsweet, skullcap, milky oats, nigella sativa, passionflower, sage, rosemary, ginger, turmeric, cardamom, black pepper, cayenne.

Also try Neuro-Tea Chamomile Blend!

*It is recommended that you check with your healthcare provider before starting any new supplements to ensure compatability of herbs with medications you may be taking or conditions you may have.

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