Why Hydrate with Iced Tea

Hydrate and Nourish your Body with Refreshing Herbal Infusions!

We all know that we should drink roughly 6-8  eight ounce glasses of water or more daily.  Why not switch it up and make a batch of Iced Tea!  Try Nuovo’s  tasty herbal infusions to replace fluids and give your body lots of tasty nourishing vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants!

What teas are best to get that nourishing hydration for your body?  Choose Herbals!
Anything with pure herbs like mint, hibiscus, and Rooibos or blends with fruit or citrus.
Fruited white and green teas which have little caffeine are excellent iced!

If you need to have a little pick-me-up though, you have to have an Iced Matcha Latte!!!  Yum!!!

NOTE:  Skip the sugar or use a natural sweetener like agave or stevia.   DON’T hydrate with energy drinks or high caffeine sports beverages.  They can dehydrate and/or give unwanted artificial ingredients and sugar.

Can Iced tea replace water for the body? In short, YES!


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Watermelon Cooler
Wild Strawberry
Blood Orange
Raspberry Patch
Fruit Medley
**For an extra nourishing and hydrating summer WELLNESS blends you’ll love these:
Active Life Tea
Sol Mate
Summer Bouquet
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